Golden Mansion Apartments offers self catering accomodations

  • Free WiFi.
  • Spacious living room with TV and desk/dining table.
  • Kitchen with refrigerator and microwave.
  • Private bathroom with shower and hairdryer

Good to know

Check-in after 14:00 hours.
Check out before 11:00 hours.

Extra's may be available at the hotel such as rental bikes.

Extra beds are not available.
Guests are not allowed to bring pets.

Cancellation/Prepayment policies

Standard rate bookings may be cancelled free of charge until up to 7 days. The provided credit card will be used to authorize an amount equal to the total room rate.

Non-refundable rate bookings cannot be cancelled free of charge. The provided credit card will be charged the total room rate after the booking is made.

Different conditions may apply depending on special events/group bookings.